How can I create a game?

>To make your own game, simply press "add game" and upload your .rbxl file. You can also access the page here.

Why is my game a baseplate with the text "the creator of this map uploaded a binary rbxl"?

>This happens when you try to upload a rbxl file that is binary (Non XML format) to fix this, open the file in modern studio, save it as .rbxlx, and then convert it with this. NOTE: DO NOT ATTEMPT TO UPLOAD THE .RBXLX FILE, IT WILL NOT WORK!

The play button on the website does not work?

>Make sure you downloaded the client, if you already did, go to where you installed Austiblox (default C:\Austiblox\) in the bin folder, run "AustibloxURI.exe" as administrator.

The launcher just freezes and crashes when I try to join a game, what do I do?

>Reinstall, but this time, do not close the CMD window that pops up, it will close itself.

Where can I download the client?

>On the games page, where is says, "Download Client".