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Here are some of the basic rules on Austiblox. Please note that just because something is not listed, does not mean that it is ok and you can still get banned for it at a Moderators discretion.


1. No NSFW

2. No purposefully going out of your way to harass people

3. No shady links/files, always be cautious, not only on this site, but everywhere on the internet

4. No racism/sexism or any targeted harassment

5. Use subforums for their intended purpose (especially help)

6. Dont advertise

7. Don't spam message mods, only one message is needed if you have a question

8. You can not get your name changed

9. Asking to be a mod permanently bars you from ever becoming one

10. Don't give away invite keys for other revivals

11. Do not give your Austiblox join code to another person. Austiblox staff will never ask for this code.

12. Criticism is allowed, but MUST be constructive

13. Do not annoy other users

14. Do not make references to internet trolls (they thrive on attention)

15. You are allowed only one account on Austiblox.

16. No drama, do not start drama with other users.

17. Exploiting in game servers is not allowed unless it is described as allowed in the game description. Game breaking exploits are never allowed! PLEASE NOTE: If you get caught so much as loading exploits just to "Test", that is enough to get banned. Do not load exploits EVER.

18. You must be 13+